Why do Smartphone Screen Break?

Why do smartphone screen break? Hello friends, the world of this smartphone has gone so far, all kinds of processors are coming, new types of smartphones are coming, these smartphones have become so advanced, but one thing that has not changed is that the glass of the smartphone or the smartphone Screens are broken instantly even today.

Why do Smartphone Screen Break?

You will not believe this but the thing that causes the most damage in smartphone damage is the screen of the smartphone. Some people's screens are completely broken. 

Some people's screens keep moving even after cracking and some people's dent-vents fall or get scratched. 

So after all, why are smartphone companies not able to make a phone whose screen is never broken, whose screen is not scratched and whose screen does not need to be fitted with screen glass.

No matter how much these smartphone companies say that we have Corning Gorilla Glass and scratch proof screen, you still have to wear a screen guard. 

Just think, you have bought such a high tech phone which costs sixty thousand, seventy thousand rupees. 

Also you have to put a screen guard of fifty, sixty rupees in it, so where is the technology, we will find out why this is happening today. Therefore, if this article is not read in its entirety, then something will not make sense.

What is the touch screen of the smartphone made of?

Look, the glass or lead that is being put in the screen of the smartphone is only a glass or lead, so now there are two problems for the smartphone company.

How can smartphone companies make screens?

First: - These smartphone companies can either make a screen that is not broken, very flexible quickly but it will have scratches because it will be made of plastic or made of fiber.

Second: - Either you can make such a screen that the scratches in the glass of the screen do not come quickly but it will break with a slight jolt due to hardness. The harder the glass, the purer the glass, the faster it will break when it is hit, but it has less scratches.

Example: - If you die in the soil or in the throat, there will be scars, but if you kill non-blood on the glass, there will be no scars because the soil is very soft and the glass is very hard.

Which screen should smartphone companies make?

If the smartphone company makes flexible glass which is not broken when it falls, it will get scratched quickly. 

You may have seen that the screens of the earlier touch phones used to get scratched very quickly but today's screens do not get scratches because it had fiberglass so it would get scratches but today's screens do not get scratches. 

On Break down quickly. That is why these two methods cannot be made separately. Either there will be a glass that will not get scratched quickly but will break quickly. Either will not break quickly but the scratch will fall quickly.

How to fix mobile touch?

That's why smartphone companies have come up with a solution called Corning Gorilla Glass, which incorporates both properties, so that it doesn't get scratched quickly and avoids breakage to some extent, but dropped the phone out loud. 

If it goes, it will break. That's why smartphone companies can't make a screen that never breaks or gets scratched.

That is why even today, even after buying such a high tech phone of sixty thousand, seventy thousand rupees, we have to install a screen guard of fifty, sixty rupees.

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