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What is Satellite - Hello friends, welcome to our website and today we are going to talk about what is Satellite, how does Satellite work and its complete information How Satellite Works With Full Information. What happens is how they stay in the air but do you know how much work you do in daily life.

What is satellite? How Satellite Works?

There are a lot of things that depend on some kind of satellite, whether you are watching TV or watching the weather on TV, using GPS navigation in your mobile or visiting your friend's family abroad. If you are talking by calling in, then all this work is done with the help of some satellite and first we know.

What is Satellite?

Understand this easily. A small object that is orbiting in space around an object much larger than itself is called a set. We also call it a satellite in Hindi. Accordingly, the moon orbiting our earth is also a satellite. 

But it is a natural satellite or satellite which does not run according to man but inspired by this man has made his own satellites and left them in the orbit of the earth which we are playing a very big role for man.

Let me tell you that man-made satellites can range from the size of a small TV to the size of a large truck. Here their size depends on their work. 

Satellites have solar panels on both sides which give them energy Between these there is a transmitter and a receiver which receives or transmits the signal

In addition, there are some control motors with the help of which we can control the satellite remotely, whether it is to change their position or to change the angle, all these can be done through these controls. 

The object you get to see in the satellite is like a satellite designed to take an image of the earth, then the satellite also has large cameras or is designed for scanning.

So you will find scanners in it. It all depends on the function of the satellite. We use the satellite under the mouth for connection because radio and brown wire cannot be used in the whole communication of the earth so most of the satellite communication work. Are created and now we will know.

How Satellite Works?

So the first question that must have come to your mind is how do satellites stay on top? You must have known all that satellites have done. What is a satellite? If it does not fall, then there are very simple rules for it, such as: - If an object has to stay in space, it has to keep circling a large object at its own speed.

So due to this rule all the satellites remain in the air. Satellites are divided into three categories. Low Earth Orbit Satellites. These satellites are very close to the Earth's orbit. 

They have an altitude of 160 to 1600 kilometers. Circling so it completes the rotation of the earth several times a day so it takes a lot of time for them to scan the earth.

They are mostly used for image and scanning. Medium Earth Object Satellites are satellites that do not orbit very fast or slow speeds. Over time, their altitude ranges from 10,000 km to 20,000 km.

These are used for navigation Hay Earth Orbit Satellites These are satellites that are very far from the earth i.e. at a distance of about 36000 kilometers. 

These satellites orbit the earth with the speed of the earth i.e. these satellites if right above you. Yes, it will always be on you. These satellites are used for communication.

Guys, now you must have known what a satellite is. What is a satellite? This post has given you a lot of information about satellites. 

If you talk about Indian space agency ISRO, you will be surprised to know that new success is happening every year. The agency ISRO has so far sent about 100 satellites into space and you must tell us how you felt about this post by commenting.

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