Types of hackers: black hat hacker to red hat hacker

There are three well-known hackers in the world of information security: the black hat, the white hat and the gray hat. 

These colorful hat details were born as hackers tried to differentiate themselves and separate good hackers from evil. The black and white hat label has its roots in Western films, where the protagonist wears a white hat and the adversary wears a black hat.

Types of hackers: black hat hacker to red hat hacker

Today, the hacker hat rainbow is becoming more widespread. Although the term is not well known or well used, the new hat colors describe other hacker features. From green to red to blue, time will tell whether these nicknames stand out.

Black, white and grey hats

A black hat hacker is a person who searches and exploits vulnerabilities in computer systems or networks, often using malware and other hacking techniques to do harm. 

These traditional hackers often break the law as part of their hacking exploits, infiltrating victims' networks for monetary gain, stealing or destroying data, interfering with systems, spying on cyber or just having fun. We will.

At the other end of the spectrum, the white hat hacker is a security expert who can detect and target black hats to detect vulnerabilities in software, hardware, and networks. Unlike black hats, white hats hack networks only when legally allowed. 

Also known as moral hackers, white hats expose all harm to their owner. White caps expose the seller to harm, which affects their hardware or software, so it can patch other customer systems. *********** White hat hacking techniques include testing and vulnerabilities.

Since things are not always black and white, register Gray Hat Hacker. The combination of black and white, gray hats makes use of security flaws without malicious intent like white hats, but illegal methods can be used to detect flaws. 

They can also release harm to the public or sell details about them for profit like a black hat. Gray hat hackers also often hack without the permission or knowledge of the target. 

At one point in life, the gray hat definition was also used to classify hackers who violated the law in hacking activities, but since then more and more, white hat has become hackers.

Green, blue and red hats?

Over the years, people have tried to dye the hat moniker to other colors to describe different types of hackers. There are green, blue and red caps around the rainbow.

A green hat hacker is not necessarily Irish - though some do. Instead, the green hat describes hacker wannabes who are interested in learning the tricks of the trade, even if they do not have technical hacking skills and education.

In the Microsoft world, blue hats act like white hats: they are used by the company to detect harm in unpublished products. The Microsoft Invitation-Only Blue Hat Conference was set up to work with correspondence among programmers and friends engineers.

In some circles, the blue hat is defined as a revenge hacker. Blue Hat programmers are likewise normal programmers like green Hats, yet retribution is the solitary inspiration for blue cap programmers - they want to further develop their hacking abilities.

Red Hat Hacker may refer to those targeting Linux systems. However, the red hat was vigilantly filmed. Like white berets, red berets try to disarm black berets, but the methodology of the two groups is very different. 

Instead of handing over the black hat to the authorities, Red Hat launches a vicious attack on them, destroying their black hat computer and resources.

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