Modern warfare and communication systems

When you wake up in the morning and your mobile phone, internet, Wi-Fi, home phone network has stopped working. When you turn on the TV, there is no future channel. You should be upset and go to the nearest police station or police station and there will be rumors that this wireless network has stopped working.

Modern warfare and communication systems

If you go to the regional headquarters in this state of anxiety and anxiety and look at the intranet installed in the regional control room, then the communication system is down there. You may recall that the foreign bank received a satellite satellite and there must be some communication. 

When you get there, all the bank employees are standing in the gallery worried that the entire satellite is closed. ATM machines closed.

In such a short time, the disconnection of the communications has swept across the country and you are looking for a radio market to get news from there. If you buy a radio set in a store with great difficulty and turn it on immediately, then the foreign broadcaster tells you that the communication system in India and Pakistan is fully integrated. 

Internal trade and foreign fiber optics, wireless communication systems, and even Traya, satellite and intranet telephones have been hacked, resulting in the establishment of banks, news houses and other services in both countries, including stock exchanges. Life is crippled.

According to our correspondent from Kabul and Kandahar, military bases in both countries have been on the lookout for the outbreak of communications while communications experts from both countries are working together to restore order. Meanwhile, a Russian cyber security team also arrived in Pakistan from Dubai to help restore the hacking system.

There are conflicting reports that elections in India have been suspended due to these hacking. Passengers on a flight from Delhi to London said there had been unrest following the hacking of communications. The flight was delayed by two hours due to suspension.

According to our correspondent in Tehran, various rumors are circulating about the cancellation of communications in both countries.

According to rumors, all this was done through the merger of the two countries, with some people saying that Israel wanted to have fun in the region and damaged the communications system in Pakistan and five minutes later the Markhors of Pakistan arrived in retaliation, the Indian communications system also closed.

According to our correspondent from Kabul and Kandahar, military bases in both countries have been demanding an end to communications while both communications experts

Technical expert Sanjam Fa said no one person or organization could do this, so different hacking groups and organizations could do it together, but he was surprised that it was very difficult to overcrowd or stop satellite communication. 

It is hard work but impossible. Blocking channels on various satellites is also a difficult task. The intranet disconnection and connection suggests that a modern virus has been created for this purpose, which is systematically installed on the system simultaneously.

Right now, you hear the news that the eldest son even ran and told that Abu TV is on but there is a strange station on it. Any channel you switch remotely on TV has the same channel installed on it. In this case the Jewish monk claims in English that we have had a successful attempt to hack the system worldwide today from two countries India and Pakistan. 

Our telecom and software engineers have been working on this project for the past three years. Under the program, India and Pakistan were selected because they were difficult countries and there was no fear of death as a result of the burglary. In the next two hours the program will be rescheduled but listen to Hindus and Muslims who are always trapped in their groups and groups. We will be rulers.

The Jewish monk said that the modern weapon of war was a system of communication and that no one could do anything under control. The Jewish monk claimed that our engineers had obtained information from all over the world, that they had access to various communications, the latest software, applications, programs and that they could use it for any purpose.

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