Bill gates secrets of success

Bill Gates is the richest man in the world, having founded Microsoft in 1975. It is now worth $90 billion since 2018, as Microsoft has risen to number 1 for the Windows operating system, which has been upgraded several times. Microsoft has also built the Xbox, which has become one of the most popular, if not the most popular gaming consoles in the world.

Bill gates success secrets


1.Start First:

You know that Bill Gates learned to code when he was 13 years old. When you start something at a young age you can find mold all around. He also started working on computers at the age of 13. That’s why I talked about this secret first. Instead of playing at a young age, he learned something useful. This saved him a lot of time. As he grew older the world saw the emergence of new computer technology. While learning to code you know exactly when the world sees the advent of modern computers. Therefore, he can configure the OS (Operating System). 

2.Become Boss soon as possible: 

At a very young age, he became a manager. In addition to being a Boss he used the opportunity for success.

 3.Be passionate and committed:

You need to be committed to what you love and be very passionate about what you do. If you are interested in what they are doing they will achieve what they want soon. Dedicate yourself. Do not give up your love for your work. When you lose your love and determination for work you will find it boring. Therefore, do not throw away your love and devotion to your work.

4.Not Make $100,000 a Year:

You can't make $ 100000 a year with High School. No matter how much education you have, you still need knowledge to work your way up. You will not be able to get an appointed CEO of an international company because you have a degree in business management. It requires a lot of knowledge, craftsmanship and learning.
5.litmus test:
You have to stay focused on your job even if you focus on a lot of things there will be a lot of distractions that will distract you from your work. When you do work, ask yourself if you support your focus. If not, let it go. If so, be assured that no other activity can solidify your focus. You may not be as wealthy as Warren Buffet or Bill Gates, but being sincerely focused on what you are trying to achieve - including perseverance in sticking to it day in and day out - will bring you amazing success.


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