What is artificial intelligence? why artificial intelligence is important

Be it Apple's Siri, Google's Google Assistant, Amazon's Alexa or Microsoft's Cortana, all these AI (Artificial Intelligence) have now become an important part of human lives. 

AI is being used extensively to improve human lives. Artificial intelligence is now being used in banks, offices, railway stations, airports and even educational institutions.


What is artificial intelligence? why artificial intelligence is important

Today our smartphones have become so intelligent due to artificial intelligence that in a few days they understand our activities and preferences in the phone and give us advice accordingly.

There have been many important inventions and discoveries in the field of technology in the last few years. One of them is artificial intelligence (Artificial intelligence or AI). Artificial intelligence is an automated system. Keep in mind that most of the inventions and discoveries that have taken place in the world have taken place during the invention of automated systems. 

AI is an important field of computer science that is developing rapidly. Today a lot of work is being done with the help of AI. By installing this system in robots, they are now being made more advanced and efficient. One such robot is "Sofia" which you must have read about. Sofia, AI and Robot's masterpiece is a combination.

Did you know that today many companies around the world are doing a lot of their work with the help of AI and also introducing them to the consumers? Some of them are AI, Apple's Siri, Google's Google Assistant, Amazon's Alexa and Microsoft's Cortana. In addition, there are many apps in which you can do shopping with your voice or make a booking to go somewhere.

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence refers to software and machines that are designed to think and act like humans. The term applies to any machine that demonstrates human brain-related traits such as learning and problem solving.

After years of hard work, scientists have created artificial intelligence in computers and machines that enable them to think and act like humans.

Effects of AI on human life

In modern times, artificial intelligence is being called a revolution. The reason for this is that this technology has enabled the computer to now diagnose and research diseases in a better way than human beings and vehicles are being driven automatically.

Today our smartphones have become so smart that they can remember what they are looking for, shopping list, our favorite apps and other preferences in a few days, and accordingly advertisements appear on our screens.

Google Translate is also the result of AI. Although not as reliable as it used to be, it is changing rapidly, and it is getting better. One of the advantages of this is that we can easily communicate with a person who travels to another country or speaks another language with the help of Google Translate.

Now AI is also being installed in robots because in the next few years they will certainly be machines but will be able to think and act like humans.

AI is also being used in the health sector. Today, doctors also use machines during operations, but now the same machines are being automated. In some hospitals in the United States and the Netherlands, robots equipped with AI technology have successfully performed a few small operations. If this is possible, the cost of the operation can be reduced.

Experts say that if companies adopt AI, 4 million employees will be lost in the United States alone. However, 2 million new jobs will be created.

By directing your smartphone, we can create our own shopping list with AI Assistant and also ask for payment by placing an order through it.

The AI ​​in the smartphone is understanding our music and movie habits and giving us advice on similar music and movies.

AI is also helping people who are illiterate. Now all they have to do is command the AI ​​assistant on their phone and do all the work, such as setting alarms, making calls, sending messages, surfing the internet, searching for videos, etc. Interestingly, I can guide the assistant to get it right.

Some amazing facts about Al

  • Robots can be designed to make predictions with the help of AI.
  • Artificial intelligence can read the movement of human lips better than humans. She can read better, she can write legal contracts better, she can even write this song. 

  • AI can also build an intelligent and advanced machine on its own.

  • Now people are talking less to other human beings because they are more emotionally attached to machines and robots. The biggest example of this is our smartphones.
  • Artificial intelligence can turn humans away from reality. Death is a great reality of human life, but now artificial intelligence has provided another option, that is, simulations of dying people are now being developed with artificial intelligence, in any case, it has not yet made critical progress.
  • Most AIs are female (meaning female voice) because female voice is attractive to both men and women.
  • In the future, robots made with AI will be given citizenship and their passports will be made like human beings.
  • According to Jeff Bezos, while shopping online, everyone buys a few products that are advised by AI, and the person does not even know about it.
  • Numerous studies have shown that AI can never be as intelligent as humans.

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